Land for sale in Ndovoini

2 Acres Land for sale in Ndovoini 14km off Kangundo Road, @ 3m, see video

This Agricultural Land for sale in Ndovoini and near other farms and residences. The land is in an area with a low water table and there are two farms nearby with shallow water wells of about 100 feet with one operating with a very cost effective solar water pump.

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The land is can be used for a successful irrigation farming due to the low cost of water from own water well and sufficient sunlight to use low cost solar powered solutions.

– 45 Kilometres from Nairobi Central business District
– 38 Kilometres from Umoja Estate (Nairobi)
– 14 Kilometres from Kangundo road (Joska shopping centre)
– 2.5km from Ndovoini shopping centre

– 2 acres
– fertile soil
– Near other residential houses
– good for settlement and for farming
– the land has black cotton soil
– the area has warm weather

Agricultural farmland for sale in Ndovoini area, about 2.5 Kilometres from Ndovoini shopping centre and about 14 Kilometres to Kangundo road. Ndovoini is a warm area and has rains during the November-December and March – May.

Video of the land in Ndovoini

An agricultural Land for sale in Kenya in Machakos county a few minutes drive to Ndovoini shopping centre. This property is about 2.5 Kilometres from the nearest primary and secondary primary schools.